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Monty Franklin

2020-01-15 00:50:33 | Profile
i love how me and chan have the exact same music taste :( anything he plays i always love it or know it and can’t help but love him even more every single day. he’s really the love of my life


2019-12-17 02:13:01 | Profile
Here after watching first episode of castle!!

giovanni Simon

2019-11-16 06:13:51 | Profile
bang chan from stray kids put this song on today’s vlive. it was his 44th channies room and it reminded me how much i liked this song


2019-11-15 09:30:06 | Profile
Hello world and beyond ♪♪ We are a new band called Rainkid and we make music . Check it out and give us some feedback, that would be incredible

Royce David James

2019-11-12 07:58:03 | Profile
damn. i miss this song. this song inspired me as well.

Scaly Scaly

2019-11-11 01:28:08 | Profile
I’m just here cause Tobjzzle said a line of it. I’m fucking around brilliant song

Yossi Ben Oz

2019-11-09 21:11:25 | Profile
Omg cant believe that Chan of Stray Kids really brought me here, this is a really good songs..


2019-11-07 21:38:01 | Profile
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