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2019-04-08 23:58:58 | Profile
The Magic Bus, America.

Lima Ulubayeva

2018-09-14 06:42:55 | Profile
Kenny never makes bad songs. Their all great!Keep it up Kenny!

Dntgive 2fcks

2018-09-07 06:37:45 | Profile
Kenny chesney i did a staff on you

Сара шоу

2018-08-31 08:04:08 | Profile
I want that bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivier Bernard

2018-08-21 14:11:42 | Profile
Kenny is king. That is all.

mike morrison

2018-08-20 17:10:13 | Profile
A little messed up but we are alright" describes me perfectly

Pablo Bonaventura

2018-08-15 18:39:03 | Profile
this is my favorite song now

Kevin Pope

2018-08-14 11:54:17 | Profile
This song is pp suck

Charles Papineau

2018-08-02 16:34:38 | Profile
Young people with reminiscences of a heroical time when a people generation dared question the rules of a west world. Beautiful young ladies with sweet feets, young fathers daring bring tender childs to this world, multicolored painted buses taking dreamer people to every place. This song is the best homage to one the most moving epic time in the american and the global history. In my country, CHile, this time was lived too.

Stefania Rumagnoli

2018-08-02 07:32:03 | Profile
im pretty sure that my neighbors can hear my music a mile away